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Liebe Kunden, auf Grund eines unvorhersehbaren Krankheitsfalles, können wir zur Zeit leider keine Waren produzieren und ausliefern. 

Die Lederwerkstatt wird vorübergehend für voraussichtlich 3 Monate geschlossen. 

Wir danken für Eure Verständnis und melden uns verlässlich bei Wiederaufnahme bei Euch. 

Eure RB Leather Collection Team

Dear customers, due to an unpredictable illness, we can unfortunately not produce and deliver any goods at the moment. The leather workshop is temporarily closed for 3 months. We thank you for your understanding and reliably contact you when we resume back to work.

Your RB Leather Collection Team

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Our RB Leather Collection products are handcrafted with the highest quality leather and processed with great attention to the details.

All our products will bring you many years of joy!


 Our ideas have developed over the years and has originally emerged from our love for horses.


We have been using our products every day for many years - whether at home or at a the shows.


We now give you the opportunity to use these unique products and make every one your own!




Baumgarten 9

5252 Aspach





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